The Tension is Real Podcast – Episode 11: The Tension of Social Issues

Welcome to The Tension is Real Podcast. A podcast dedicated to real discussion about the TENSION that exists between Life and Faith and how to embrace it so we can live with purpose and freedom.

Today’s Topic – The Tension of Social Issues
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Okay, so this will be a short post.  It is for all those “doubters” out there.  I don’t mean the ones that live in a constant state of worry, anxiety or hopelessness – those people have other issues I can’t address at this time.

I’m talking about seeing God move in your life, maybe in some amazing ways – but you are doubting.

“16Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.” – Matthew 28:16&17

I am always amazed at this passage.  Jesus has risen from the dead, walked and talked with folks for several days, and right before he ascends into heaven by way of mountain top – “some still doubted”.

So… The only question I have for this post today is –

“What is God doing that you are doubting?”

Is he actively at work in your marriage… but you doubt if he can take care of you financially?  Is he nurturing the hearts of your kids… but you doubt he cares about a problem you have a work?  Is he growing you in areas of your faith and helping you take a risky step in following him… but you doubt that He’ll come through in the end – even though HE is the one who initiated the risk?

“What is God doing that you are doubting?”

Does God want us to be Efficient?

www.usnewsOkay, so it’s a strange question.  Does God really want us to be efficient?  This question comes after a hour long session today of a Google Docs tutorial on Calendar and syncing it with our Macs and phones.   We were all very excited at the end of it because there was a feeling that we would be better organized, communicate better, and overall our efficiency would increase exponentially!

So I thought – Does God want us to be efficient?  Is time management a question of stewardship?  Here are my simple thoughts.

The Cook or the Crop

8114896287_9d48006ea8_bWarning – I stole this example!!! (with permission of course)

During my first visit to NC back in 1993 – I remember going to Tracie’s Grandma’s House for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a different culinary experience to say the least.  I remember looking at a big pot with leaves in it – wondering why they were boiling the salad?  I remember grabbing a hand full of what I thought were banana chips – and being told that it was cut up squash.   I remember being introduced to food I had never seen before – okra, pinto beans, collard greens, and much more.  I of course didn’t appreciate any of this because I don’t like vegetables – but the family loved it and no one could cook it like Grandma!!!  All hail Grandma!

However, no one complimenting the farmer on this particular day.  Grandma had spent a few long hours in the kitchen preparing the food, but the crop of fruits and vegetables that she prepared took weeks and months to grow.  The farmer toiled over each one of those crops with sweat and hard labor to grow them from seed to end product.  Occasionally you were hear the phrase – “that was some good fruit right there” but most of the time it’s more like “Grandma made the best apple pie today!!!”.