My Heart Beats… Water

It’s been a while since my last post (sounds like a Catholic confession…)

I’ve just returned from an amazing, life changing trip to Kilgoris Kenya. The Kilgoris Project has been something that my church has supported over the past 2 years and some families in my church made it financially possible for me to take my first trip to Africa this January. I was excited about all the great things that I would see and the great things that TKP is doing, but God had some additional things in mind for me on this trip. So as I share stories about my journey – I thought I would start with the most significant one.

My heart beats water. The moment I knew I was going to Kenya, I began to have some interesting conversations about water in Africa. Most people immediately think of drilling wells and finding areas that have no water and making it happen. An example of this has always been the work that CharityWater and LivingWater is doing around the world.  I am thankful for these ministries – HOWEVER, I was interested in a concept that is far less popular… Protected Springs.