Close the Museum

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 – the first thing he did was clear out the “museum” of old products and gave them to Stanford University.  He cleared out the archive because the company was stuck at looking at what it had done in previous years and trying to make changes FROM there.  He reminded them that the future is what matters THE MOST and thier job is to LOOK FORWARD and invent tomorrow.

I think the church could use some clearing out of past methodologies (practices) and stop trying to tweak the already ineffective and LOOK FORWARD.  Most people disagree with this because of some rant about history or heritage of those before us.  I’m not suggesting we remove “baptism” or “communion” or “worship” from our methods – these are clear in scripture and are essential to our faith.   I am suggesting that more churches remember that the time as ambassadors of Christ is NOW and our future success of living out HIS MISSION of the Fame of God and Freedom of Men is NOW.  This will require us to “invent tomorrow” the paths, methods, and practices we engage in to reach every man, woman, and child with the gospel.
Can you think of anything in the churches “museum” that we need to stop analyzing (or tweaking)?   What are some great examples of people or churches that are “inventing tomorrow”?

A Fresh Coat : A New Look

paint_ta_49821I’ve been inspired by a fresh coat of paint.  Is that possible?  I’m in the middle of painting our children’s playroom and we are converting it into a playroom/classroom.  We’ve been in our home for over 4 years now and this is the first time we’ve done anything to this room.

The inspiration is seeing something transform before my very eyes.  It’s the same room.  Same walls, Same ceiling, Same room.  It’s not done yet, but it’ looks new, fresh, and is changing.  It will serve a new use, a new season, a new room.  This might not seem like much to inspire, but for me… it’s been an amazing night.

My life has been in a steady pace of renovation over the past 12 months.  God has been initiating change all around me, walking me down some roads I’ve been praying for.  I feel like I’m in the midst of a re-direction in my life.  I’m still the same old me, but I’m changing.  I’m on the edge of a new season, a new role, a new opportunity.  I’m not entirely sure what the season fully looks like but I’m feeling the freshness of a new coat of paint, and re-purposing of my passions and talents.  Similar to my project, I don’t think God is done with me yet, but I feel fresh, new, and ready to see what God is going to do.

I’m inspired by a fresh coat of paint.  How about you?  What has God done in your life lately to reveal the work He is doing in you?

“The Best Day Ever” – the essential attitude of LIFE!

BestDayEver_Photo copy

I am a father of two.  A 7 year old little girl and a 4 year old boy.  For the past 2 years I have heard a phrase repeated several times in my house, or in the car, or at bed time that I’ve commented about, smiled at, and laughed out lout at.  The phrase… “This is the best day ever!”

What a simple set of words that describe a profound attitude.  Was it really the best day?  Probably not to us…  Did we do something so spectacular to deserve such a proud praise? Probably not….  So why the big deal?  Why the exaggeration?  Why the praise!

The answer lies in attitude. 

Risk = Freedom

Do we ever consider that risk = freedom?  That living a life at the edge of the unknown might not be the the most free we could ever feel in our lives.

I had the opportunity to speak at my church this past weekend about regret and I used a statement I had written several years ago about the definition of the Kingdom’s Path.

“Follow God with abandon at every age – with an eager expectation that God can use our lives for His purposes in the world.  Risk always: Never Completely Settle: Be Different, Be HIS, and Die Gloriously”

I didn’t spend much time the idea of risk this week because the sermon was on regret, but I couldn’t shake the idea of risk and freedom from my mind.