Never Again Lose 45 minutes on Social Media

"Lost Time is Never Found Again" - Benjamin Franklin

I went on Facebook to share a picture of Charlee with friends… and 45 min later I’m laughing at a video of a cat freaking out when a lizard sneaks up behind it!

I can’t tell you exactly what I did for that 45 minutes. I’m sure I’ve seen some post, commented on some friends stuff, maybe even shared something. But seriously… 45 minutes?

I don’t know what your goals or resolutions are for 2016, but I’m a pretty driven person. I’ve got HUGE dreams for 2016 and none of them are going to happen if I’m losing 45 minutes engaged in the never ending vortex of social media.

Don’t get me wrong – I love social media. I love the connectivity and I’m a huge fan of the multiple pieces of technology that allow me to access it during the day. However, I never want to be a SLAVE to my technology. It’s a tool. I’m in control of how and when I use a tool!

So here’s my solution for NEVER again losing 45 minutes on Social Media. I’ve already been doing this for the past week, and I’m about 90% successful so far.

Set a 10 minute timer!

Believe it or not, when you set a 10 minute timer – it actually feels like you’ve got PLENTY of time to check up on friends, share some posts, comment on a thread, and maybe even catch a cat video or two.

BUT… when the alarm goes off – shut it down.

Walk away.

Get on with your actual life!

Go after your dreams and use that 35 extra minutes of existence to do something else you’re passionate about. (Read, learn an instrument, write a book!)

acctimAlmost everyone has a smart phone – the timer is easy to find. If not, get an old fashioned EGG TIMER from Amazon for $6 (click here)!

If you’re addicted to Social Media or have multiple accounts you use – then give yourself 10 minutes for Twitter in the morning and then another 10 minutes for Facebook in the evening. (maybe even 10 minutes for Instagram at lunch).

Make the commitment to NEVER loose YOUR precious time again… you ONLY GET 24 hours in a day.  Benjamin Franklin said…

“Time Lost is Never Found Again”

Try it for just ONE week – I PROMISE YOU… you’ll be thanking me in the book you’re able to write with your extra time 🙂
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