Risk = Freedom

Do we ever consider that risk = freedom?  That living a life at the edge of the unknown might not be the the most free we could ever feel in our lives.

I had the opportunity to speak at my church this past weekend about regret and I used a statement I had written several years ago about the definition of the Kingdom’s Path.

“Follow God with abandon at every age – with an eager expectation that God can use our lives for His purposes in the world.  Risk always: Never Completely Settle: Be Different, Be HIS, and Die Gloriously”

I didn’t spend much time the idea of risk this week because the sermon was on regret, but I couldn’t shake the idea of risk and freedom from my mind.  This was an intense tension that served as the under-current for my message.  If we live a life that is full or risk (or what we define as risk) will we experience true freedom in Christ, or do we feel trapped by the unknown.

As with most abstract thoughts – perspective plays a vital role.  If we fear the unknown and simply cannot embrace the mystery that God has promised we will experience if we follow Him, then I could really see why people don’t live a life of Risk because not knowing or planning ahead does not bring freedom to their hearts.  On the flip side, if we embrace the mystery of God and have trust in Him as Lord of our lives, then there is no better place to be then directly in the center of where He wants us. Freedom comes with taking those risks.

I am so thankful that God does, at times in my life, give me some insight to the future.  I feel like I can see a mile up the road and can run easier and with more intention.  However, sometimes I can barely see an inch in front of me, and this requires more faith and risk to continue to run at full steam.

It’s a great thing to ponder in your own life.  Does risk = freedom for you?

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One thought on “Risk = Freedom

  1. Glad to finally read your blog! What a great message this is. I hadn’t thought much about risk equally freedom but it is so true! I will definitely be pondering on this one in my own life for awhile. Well said Matt. Good luck with the movement. I think this could be huge!