New Year – New Book – Need Help!

A Community Driven Book on Fear and Fearless Living!

As a part of my ongoing desire to bring up topics and discuss areas of TENSION that exist between LIFE and FAITH, I’ve had a book idea that I feel compelled to explore.

However, to be truthful, I’m not really an author (in a traditional sense). I love conversation, and my writing is more conversational by nature. I’d rather discuss, bring up questions, and state simple yet complex truths that cannot be easily explained through a monologue style of writing. This is just who I am.

Nevertheless, the more I counsel, coach, and lead in the various organizations I’m involved in, the more I feel the overwhelming desire to write some content specifically about the nature of FEAR in our lives and the FEARLESS call to live a life of Faith.

I would LOVE your HELP!

Over the next 6 months I plan to spend time working out (learning together) some of the major themes of the book through this blog. I would really LOVE your feedback as we walk through this journey together.

My perfect idea of a book would be a “window” to a discussion that has taken place with an amazing community of people about specific things that others could receive value from (as opposed to “one man’s opinion” on the subject).

Would you help me?

Here’s what HELP looks like in today’s modern forum of social media and blogs.

  1. Facebook Comments – When I post a blog about a book theme (I’ll specify in the post title), I need you to comment on it. Do you agree with the angle in which I am discussing it? Do you disagree? If so, why do you disagree with these ideas? Is there MORE to this topic that can be discussed? The only way I feel that this book can meet the needs of people is to have an amazing community like you involved in the discussion.
  2. Direct Communication – If these topics are ones you’ve done some work on in the past or are in the midst of currently, I’d love to hear from you. Email me directly (, shoot me a Facebook message, or direct tweet (@dawsontv). I’d love to discuss it with you, quote you, and learn from you.
  3. Prayer – If you feel so inclined, I’ll be doing several prayer projects throughout this year as I work on the project. I recently did a 30 day “Prayer for Hope” for a local event (30 min prayer walk outside/at event site), and it was a powerful time for me personally. Several folks joined me in their own way, and I personally believe the success of that event and its mission were accomplished primarily through that time of prayer. I will do several of these this year, and I’ll be sure to invite you in. If you’ve never participated in anything like this before, I encourage you to give it a try.

The working title of the book comes from a message content series I was involved in a couple of years ago called “Beneath the Surface.” The current working title is “Beneath the Surface – Fearless Living that Rides the Waves of Fear”. It’s a working title, meaning that the end result may look nothing like this!

I hope this is something that you’re willing to help me with. The more we bring our understanding of FEAR to light and the TENSION it causes in our lives, the closer we can come to living a LIFE of Fearless Faith with that Tension.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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