What the church can learn from the Atheist Hotline

The group called “Recovering from Religion” has set up a hotline for people who struggle with doubts about God and religion in general. Read full article in Huffington Post.

So, I’m convinced they got it right on this one. SURE, they’ve embraced it from a completely wrong motive – but they don’t care… there is no God to answer to so there is no ultimate accountability.

One of the quotes from the groups executive Director Sarah Moorehead that got my attention was powerful.

“Many people feel isolated or rejected when they begin to ask questions,” said Moorehead. “If churches suddenly started welcoming doubters to their potlucks, the hot line project wouldn’t be necessary.”

  • Where’s the church’s hotline?
  • Where do men and women of faith turn when their doubts and questions get the better of them?
  • How can they be free to question “the questions” when they feel immediately judged by church leaders and Christians friends?

That’s why I created this blog. That’s why I’ve just released my NEW PODCAST called “The Tension is Real.” Use the direct link to subscribe now or search in iTunes on Sept 22nd (Launch Day).

I’m not sure I’ll ever have a 1-800 number, but I hope to help folks embrace the tension in a way that brings them closer to God and to live a LIFE fully alive!

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2 thoughts on “1-800-HELP

  1. Great blog. Leaders feel the must all the right answers. Hard for them to admit they do not have all the answers. This can cause the one asking the questions to feel that they have crossed a line because they have asked a question from a perspective that the leader has not thought or considered.