Our Limits Reveal our Greatest Opportunities…

It’s ALL about the Signs

A year or so ago when we were forced to remove our signs from our church building and property (during the week), we began to set more yard signs out in the community.  These can only be put out on the weekend now and the city has made it perfectly clear we cannot make people aware (through signs) about our building that sits on Brookway Dr.

Two weeks ago, all of signs we put out on the weekend were taken by the city of Cornelius.  We were informed we could not put them out at ANY TIME in Cornelius.  We thought the weekend was okay, but they said no yard signs, ever.

Last week – the city of Huntersville came by and took our flags (you know, the big orange ones we put out on the street) – they took them and were preparing to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of flags by the time we found out they had them and we picked them up.

I’m not trying to get anyone upset with city officials or employees that are just out doing their jobs. I don’t think they have anything against churches, I actually feel like they are as lenient as they feel they can be.  We want what’s best for our city and community and we want to continue to work with them in the future with Do Something Now projects to meet local needs.

We just can’t figure out why we keep running into these LIMITS with signage.

It’s really NOT about the Signs

After spending some considerable time in frustration with these limits placed on our signage, I needed to remember that these limits were nothing but opportunities if we could shift our perspective.  The reality is… it’s NOT about the signs.

When frustrated about putting out signs for our church, we need to remember that our building is not Journey Church – YOU ARE.  Our building (where we gather) might be placed far off the road and hidden by a berm. So what.  People still visit our church – WHY?, because you invite them.  The limits on our signage make us FEEL like we will never be able to let people in our community know we exist  are NOTHING MORE than an opportunity for us to SEE CLEARLY that we are the Church in this city.  You and I are the representation of Journey Church and our future does not rest on flags or yard signs.  You and I carry the signs of our church community with us everyday.  As a neighbor, co-worker, employee, family member, community volunteer – you and I represent Kingdom of God and it’s local expression called Journey!   It’s not about the signs or the limits we have placed on them.  The greater opportunity is there for us to invest in our community and invite them to something larger than a building or a gathering inside of it.

Do we still want to let people know we are here and we are place that they can belong… YES!  However, that message comes through LOUDER and STRONGER and WITH LOVE when delivered by YOU and ME.  That’s way better then a flag or a sign.

So… The limits we have on our signs for Journey Church are nothing more than an opportunity for you and I to BE THE CHURCH.

Invite someone to Journey.  Invest in their future relationship with Jesus.  For God’s Fame and their Freedom.

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One thought on “Our Limits Reveal our Greatest Opportunities…

  1. I’m pretty sure I found out about Journey through the signs 🙂

    Maybe businesses would be wiling to put up fliers or window decals 🙂

    Starbucks you can hang anything on the bulletins