Does God want us to be Efficient?

www.usnewsOkay, so it’s a strange question.  Does God really want us to be efficient?  This question comes after a hour long session today of a Google Docs tutorial on Calendar and syncing it with our Macs and phones.   We were all very excited at the end of it because there was a feeling that we would be better organized, communicate better, and overall our efficiency would increase exponentially!

So I thought – Does God want us to be efficient?  Is time management a question of stewardship?  Here are my simple thoughts.

If the goal in our lives is to just get more done – then I think God couldn’t give a rip if we were more efficient.  He might care – but not the same way that we care. If the goal in our lives is to see more people experience the Freedom that He alone offers, and the tasks and relationships we are leveraging can help accomplish this – then I think God is extremely interested in our efficiency.

We see this in the life of Christ.  He lived a life that was focused on people and His mission was always in front of him.  He would stay in a place long enough to do exactly what he wanted to do – then he would move on.  He could tell the difference between a distraction from His mission and something that he needed to give his time to.   I love this about Jesus.  It is something I desire to attain one day.

So in the spirit of efficiency (towards my job) – I will keep this post short.  I just wondered what you might think?  Do you think God cares if you are efficient with your time, resources, relationships?

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